Contact lens exam

A contact lens exam is to find the best lens to fit your eyes. Our eyes are all shaped differently, a properly fitted contact lens is a crucial step in achieving consistent visual comfort and clarity. At Scope Eye Care, we have all types of contact lenses so we can choose the best option for our patients base on the anatomy and visual needs. We also specialize in complex contact lens fitting such as scleral lenses, corneal gas permeable lenses, keratoconus lenses, irregular (due to scar or disease) corneal lenses, and orthokeratology lenses.

Types of contact lens fit offered at Scope Vision Care:
  • disposable soft contact lenses
  • extended wear soft contact lenses
  • contact lenses for all refractive error: myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia
  • corneal gas permeable lenses
  • keratoconus contact lenses
  • irregular cornea contact lenses
  • orthokeratology lenses
  • custom painted color contact lenses for disfigured eyes
  • aphakic contact lenses
  • scleral lenses

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